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21st February 2005

10:34am: Is there anytime when I am not really compacent? Heh, oh well.

So, if nothing is real and all in our head, then I should be able to walk through a wall, right? Nope, because I know its a wall, and by the definition in my brain, am unable to walk through it... so my own behavior is only inhibited by my own thoughts.

But the thought that I cannot walk through the wall is far deeper entrenched than my desire to walk through it.

Just contemplating, I am.

Today I hit the target 9/10 times. Not telling where, though.

Good thing none of the rookies save Jiang Chi have seen the horrendous thing I call 'shooting'.

Out of green tea, get some more.

Get Jiang Chi those claws you've been promising to get her!
Current Mood: complacent

18th February 2005

10:18pm: ~Cookies~

When going to buy more tea, buy some cookies.

Met the most peculiarly named person today. Rude, was his name, was drinking coffee. And something about, say, looking for someone. Reno? Che, I should pay more attention to things. Honestly.

Visit The Don.

Don't kill The Don while visiting.

Scratch memos two and three.

Scratch memo four.
Current Mood: energetic

17th February 2005

6:44pm: Shopping List:
Ran out of Oolong-cha today. Rather upsetting it is.

Dropped off Elena's knife.

Get some new weapons ordered, perhaps.

Avoid as many rookies as humanly possible, looks like Tseng'll have fun this year.

In other news, once again I am reminded why keeping up with the less used weapons is... well, useful. Never again will I get my ass handed to myself in such a manner as I have in the shooting range with Jiang Chi.

Makes me want to gouge my eyes out, at least then I'd have an excuse for being horrendous with a gun.

Look into that 'Alceste' person.
Current Mood: aggravated

15th February 2005

1:37am: Jiang Chi helped me unpack today. Coming back from Junon, that is. We drank tea and discussed the many interesting things that were floating about. Such as trainees and the such. She told me of a certain one by the name of 'Reno' who seems to be on a journey to get laid as soon as possible.

Not a bad goal in life, but not one I'm particularly fond of.

I am very glad I am not Tseng, though I'm sure he has far more patience to deal with stupidity than I have. Hopefully he does, or I fear that many rookies will be getting the axe. The literal axe.

See if there are any files around on Keys Landon, just for kicks.
1:36am: Met the oddest rookie today. Alceste. Staff fighting along with materia. He says so, at least. Intriguing sort of kid, in a way. I should remember, but... also not drink so much when trying to remember things like that.

14th February 2005

9:27pm: The Oddest Thing
Jiang Chi was in town today.

I do believe she is the only other person than Tseng-sama which is worth the breath it takes to talk to them. This is not to say that I will not talk to others, but I suppose the word people use is 'respect'? Something like that, intangible word, yet we put so much meaning to it.

Buy a postcard.

There was the most interesting monster in Junon today. A monster which required range weapons, something I feel is an area I'm lacking in. Which was nice to have Jiang Chi around. Her guns and materia did a wonderful job.

Replace lost bo-shuriken and ravens feet.

Leaving Junon I wondered if there was a specific reason that I can tolerate people far more than I can respect them. Oh well, that causes my brain to implode if I think to much.

Back to Midgar for me.

So long shrimp.

Check on the new rookies, see if they're worth a hoot.
Current Mood: chipper

13th February 2005

10:55pm: Shrimp
This town has some weird obsession with shrimp. I swear, the moment I walk into a store I see shrimp. At the restaurant? SHRIMP specials. If I have to sample another shrimp-based dish I'm going to vomit. Hopefully on some important document which requires me to rush back to Midgar to get another copy of. Or something equally urget, because I'm not sure how much of it I can stand.

Oh, and did I mention that the locals have this obsession with fishing line? I've seen it used to hold up windows, tie kids' shoes, harp strings, hair-holding devices, and just recently I saw a shirt woven out of it. On the other hand, fishing line makes for good... fishing line.

Surveyed the Junon-port area, it looks pretty secure. There are some monsters in the water, but nothing that can't be taken care of. The surrounding area is a 'nice' place, full of 'nice' things and it doesn't seem like anyone would care too much. If so, they'll be easy to shut up.
Current Mood: aggravated
10:21pm: OOC: Profile
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Current Mood: annoyed

10th February 2005

10:57pm: Memos
Shrimp tastes horrible.

If there is ever again a job in Junon, decline. There is no decent place to eat in the entire town, save the seafood. And you remember how much you HATE seafood.

Get a nice pair of boots.

Send mom her birthday card. Maybe some flowers. Lazy-ass.

When being confronted with a sudden lack of sleep and non substitute for caffeine, immediately seek help. Perhaps the company or food of another individual who shares your qualms. Perhaps do some work, whatever you decide to do... do NOT think that beer is a good alternative to sleep. Or caffeine.

Construction workers are not to be bothered by the likes of us.

The President and shove a swordfish up his arse an---...

The President's son can--

Stop making inane memos.

Didn't we tell you to not eat shrimp?
Current Mood: contemplative
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